People regularly claim to have stumbled upon a splendid business idea. Some even foresee a "ground-breaking" idea. Yet the vast majority of these ideas never get past the "wishful thinking" stage. The reason is simple. These same people lack the requisite knowledge about:
  • how to bring their idea to market
  • how to finance the development of their new product
  • how to start up and administer a legitimate business enterprise
ICI assists the often difficult process of locating funding for new business ventures, by first identifying and then introducing you to prospective financial backers and partners.

We also advise our clients about cash-flow considerations, business tax filing, how to maintain accounts payable and accounts receivable and other operational necessities.

Our marketing professionals can provide you with everything you need to know about how to introduce new products and services into domestic or international markets.

Our legal experts offer guidance in the matters of establishing contracts, garnering legal protection, creating legal documents and preserving the longevity of your business.